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This will be my sixth trip to Africa training pastors and leaders. I go because of two key leaders - Patrick in Uganda, and Prince Paul in Ghana. Between these two men they have planted over 300 churches in the last 15 years.

Most of the church plants are led by untrained, bi-vocational, unpaid lay pastors. Training is a major need in their lives. I get the privilege of going to encourage and equip these dear people for effective ministry.

SUFFERING is the focus of the training for this trip. What are the different causes of suffering? How are believers to respond to suffering? How can pastors effectively minister to those who suffer?

My schedule will be:

March 26-27 - 18 hours flying (Minneapolis to Amsterdam, then on to Entebbe, Uganda), which includes a 9 hour time zone change

March 28 - meet my driver Simon Peter in Entebbe and begin the six hour car drive (through Kampala) to Mbale in eastern Uganda

March 29 - full day training 15-20 Ugandan trainers using the Suffering materials

March 30, 31 and April 1 - on the road to three different counties to present the training as one-day sessions, utilizing some of the Ugandan trainers

April 2 - attend worship service, then begin the six hour drive back to a Entebbe

April 3 - catch a 4:20am flight to Nairobi, Kenya, then connect into a flight headed for Accra, Ghana

April 4-6 - train 8-10 Ghana pastors to be trainers in their regions

April 6 - late evening flight (10:40pm) to Amsterdam, then on to Minneapolis

Pray for:

Safety and protection
- As I travel (flights and cars); health (from sickness, disease); protection from accidents, crimes, evil
- Protection for my family members while I am away for 12 days

Sensitivity (and flexibility) to the Spirit.  Schedules and situations can change, and unexpected things come up
- Relationships - as I deepen many existing friendships and begin new relationships
- Training impact and usefulness, including African trainers effectively passing on the training to others
- Growth in my own faith life

Photos to help you visualize my trip:
- With Africans
- Trainers in action
- African kids
- Women in colorful dress
- Car broken down (pray this does not happen)

Pastor Paul