Family Ministry Center

Our New Space Is Open!

We are so blessed and thank God for the opportunities to enjoy our new and remodeled spaces!


- Youth Ministry space for worship, small and large group gatherings, games and hanging out
- New main entrance with gathering space and Common Grounds coffee shop
- Classrooms for use by New Life Academy and New Life Church
- Remodeled Cafeteria and Commons
- New NLA offices

Capital Project Update - 12/26/13

We are so blessed as we anticipate the dedication of the new Family Ministry Center on January 5, 2014 during Life Application Hour.  For the first time, we welcome you to come in through our new Grand Entrance doors next Sunday.  Also, you can resume parking in the east lot.  The reserved spaces for our seniors will be restored as they were prior to being moved to the west lot last April.

Over the holidays, a lot of furniture will be moved in and some touch up completed.  The Academy community will be coming through the new Grand Entrance on January 2.  The D.J. Kranz portable office is scheduled to be removed between Christmas and the New Year.  The enthusiasm for the January 5 dedication is building. As we enter 2014, we thank God for how He has blessed New Life with these wonderful new facilities.  Thank you for your prayers!

Capital Project Update - 11/3/13

We are encouraged by and thank God for recent additional commitments in support of our capital expansion and renovation project. As we near the completion of Phases 1& 2, we ask you to prayerfully consider making a gift for the purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment that will be needed for the new facility.  We have been blessed by gifts for technology upgrades in the Worship Center, and additional gifts are needed. Watch for a list to come of specific “Finishing Touches” items for your consideration.   

Recent progress of construction and renovation include the following:

- Finishes are being put in place in a few locations.
- Stairway is nearing completion.
- Front entrance doors have been installed.
- Sheetrock is being installed and some spaces have been painted.
- Options for improving the sound challenges in the Cafeteria are being evaluated.
- Audio/Video equipment is being installed.
- Furniture/Fixture and equipment teams are continuing.  Selections are soon to be made for many of the spaces/classrooms.


FMC Construction - 8/2/13


FMC Construction - 6/11/13

Steel is up!


Construction Has Begun!

FMC Update - April 19, 2013:

Thank you to all who participated in our Groundbreaking Sunday on April 14.  It was a momentous occasion and a wonderful morning of celebration!

We are excited to see the first visible step in the Family Ministry Center (FMC) construction with a new traffic flow for the parking lot. Senior parking is now available in the west lot. Thank you for your patience with these necessary inconveniences during construction.

Campus Master Plan & Family Ministry Center

On Sunday, October 7, our congregation passed a motion, by a margin of 149 to 16, to begin the Family Ministry Center (FMC) Project in the central "flagpole" location at a cost of $2.5 million, AND to pursue remodeling/repurposing of some of the surrounding locations (classrooms, cafeteria, Gym B) at an additional cost of approximately $1.8 million. We are so very grateful for God's leading and for a sense of unity that He has created among our people and throughout the various New Life ministries.

Since that time, a steering team of the building committee has been working with our architects, BGW, to refine plans and construction costs. From those plans, the architects have produced a conceptual animation, or virtual tour, of the proposed facility which you can view below.

Oct. 7, 2012 Presentation Audio & Slides 

Dave Seehusen & Cade Lambert

FMC Concept Virtual Tour

Concept Drawings - In Process

Below are the Preliminary Drawings as recommended by the Building Team.

Members of the Building Team are:
Dan Wiersum, Mark LaFollette, Cade Lambert, David Seehusen, John Anderson, David Filipiak, Jon Skjefte, John Cremers, Brad Holst, Joe Vogel, Alan Anderstrom, Craig Schmalz, Curt Wetsel, Cheryl Engstrom, Colleen Stauber, Lynn Atkinson, Brian Goodbar, Mike Brocker, Steve Tourek

Click links for enlarged images:        1st floor      2nd floor      Exterior

1st floor

A. Main Entrance to the facility
B. Gathering/Fellowship space.
C. Stairs to the Youth Space on the Second Floor
D. New Restrooms
E. Additional Classrooms and Storage
F. Expanded Cafeteria Space
G. New Life Academy Office Space


2nd floor

H. Gathering Area
I. Large Group Meeting Space
J. Game Room
K. High School Space
L. Small Group Meeting Space and Storage
M. Additional Classrooms


View of the Front Entrance:
N. Existing Worship Center
O. Front Entrance of New Space
P. Existing Academy Building


For nearly two decades, Youth Ministries operated out of a house that once was home to our founding pastor and family. Using the house as a ministry center was a temporary arrangement under an agreement with the City of Woodbury until more suitable facilities could be built. In August 2012, the youth house was sold and removed from the NLC property, and the youth are meeting in the Worship Center; in the meantime, there is currently a process underway to build a new multi-purpose addition.

The Elders began a process of strategic planning in early 2011. One of the 6 strategic initiatives selected was having optimal stewardship of our campus facilities & land.  In February 2012, NLC & NLA hired a company, Building God’s Way, to study our 5-20 year horizon for our facilities and land. This included 3 main initiatives: Considering possible future land needs; identifying possible needed upgrades to our current facilities so they are utilized most efficiently and effectively; and looking at our potential needs for new facilities going forward. Early in this process with BGW, much discussion centered on whether the Family Ministry Center better served more stakeholders if it were built east of the Worship Center (“Central location”) compared to the approved site behind the Church offices. Following several meetings, a consensus was reached by the FMC team and the Campus Master Planning Team, along with the elders, that we should do a comprehensive look at moving the FMC to the Central location which is the best and preferred site.

If you have an questions or comments or feedback on the plans or finances, please email Dave Seehusen at

We are excited about these new plans and what God is going to do through this new part of our building.  We hope you are too!