Audio Message Series: Themes From Proverbs

DateMessageKey Passage(s)
7/3/2016Self Control Elder Rex Bernardo
6/26/2016Speech (Part 2) Elder Rex Bernardo
6/19/2016Speech (Part 1)Proverbs 6:16-17, 6:19;12:18,15:1,15:4,15:21;16:24 Pastor Paul Murphy
6/12/2016Self-ControlProverbs 13:3,  14:8,  14:15-16,  15:28,  16:9,  16:32,  17:27-28,  19:21,  20:24,  25:28,  29:11 Pastor Paul Murphy
6/5/2016CharacterProverbs 3:11-12, 4:23, 10:16, 10:24-25, 10:30; 11:3-4, 11:20; 13:20-21; 14:11, 14:14; 15:9, 15;29, 16:7; 16:17;  17:3, 20:7; 21:321:21;22:1,  23:17, 23:23-24; 28:6 Pastor Paul Murphy
5/29/2016Foolish and Wise  Pastor Paul Murphy

Audio Message Series: The Story of Your Life - Learning From the Life of David

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
5/8/2016 From...To... 2 Samuel 7   Pastor Paul Murphy 36.5MB
5/1/2016 I Had A Friend     Pastor Paul Murphy 42.3MB 
4/24/2016 Honest to God 1 Samuel 23,27 & 30   Pastor Paul Murphy 49.8MB
4/17/2016 A Sad Celebration
  Pastor Paul Murphy  
4/10/2016 The Story of Your Life     Pastor Paul Murphy 45.3MB

Audio Message Series: Drawing Near Jesus

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
4/3/2016 No Title     Pastor Jon Taylor 33.1MB
3/27/2016 Lifted Up     Pastor Paul Murphy 37.2MB 
3/25/2016 Good Friday     Pastor Paul Murphy 16.2MB
3/20/2016 A Sad Celebration     Pastor Paul Murphy  
3/13/2016 The True Vine     Pastor Paul Murphy 41.7MB
3/6/2016 The Way     Elder Rex Bernardo 34.9MB
2/28/2016 The Resurrection and the Life     Pastor Paul Murphy  
2/21/2016 The Good Shepard     Pastor Paul Murphy 38.2MB
2/14/2016 Bread of Life     Pastor Paul Murphy 43.6MB
2/7/2016 Lamb of God

Pastor Paul Murphy 44.3MB

Audio Message Series: Moving Toward Maturity

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Speaker File Size
01/24/2016 Not So 'Minor' Prophets   Pastor Paul Murphy 47.1MB
01/17/2016 The Road Ahead   Pastor Paul Murphy 45.5MB
01/10/2016 How Are You Moving Toward Maturity? Colossians 2:4-18 Pastor Paul Murphy  29.3MB
01/03/2016 Wearing Jesus' Glasses   Pastor Paul Murphy 37.1MB
12/27/2015 Looking Back to See Ahead   Pastor Paul Murphy 41.0MB
12/20/2015 Explaining God
Pastor Paul Murphy 31.5MB
12/13/2015 Feeling Like a Failure? Luke 2:8-20 Pastor Paul Murphy 33.6MB
12/6/2015 No Room In the Inn? Luke 2:1-7 Pastor Paul Murphy 32.6MB
11/22/2015 Giving Thanks   Pastor Paul Murphy 35.8MB
11/15/2015 Are You Putting Me On?   Pastor Paul Murphy 43.9MB 
11/8/2015 Out With the Old, In With the New   Pastor Paul Murphy 39.5MB
10/18/2015 Fake Fruit and the Real Deal   Pastor Paul Murphy 42.7MB
10/4/2015 Strengthening Your Roots   Pastor Paul Murphy 81.4MB
9/27/2015 On Toward Maturity Involves...   Pastor Paul Murphy 47.5MB
9/20/2015 Prayer   Pastor Jon Taylor 42.2MB
9/13/2015 Gospel Centered Means...   Pastor Paul Murphy 49.9MB
09/6/2015 Growing Pains
Pastor Paul Murphy 44.2MB

Audio Messages

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
8/30/2015 Burning Yes's and Healthy Churches     Pastor Paul Murphy 40.2MB
8/23/2015 Run Forest, Run! Hebrews 11:6,12:1-2   Pastor Paul Murphy  56.6MB
8/16/2015 Responsible But Not Powerful 2 Corinthians 3:3, 3:17-18, 4:7
Pastor Paul Murphy   
8/9/2015 Ecuador Team Sharing     Pastor John Anderson


8/2/2015 Serve One Another in Love     Dr. Charles Morgan 29.3MB
7/26/2015 A Fruitful Interim?

Pastor Paul Murphy 42.9MB
7/19/2015 Ordained Failures: Living Out of Our Inadequacies   Dr. Bill Kuhn 36.0MB
7/12/2015 The Privilege of Serving as Ambassadors for Christ
  Pastor Al Anderstrom 26.7MB
7/5/2015 The Blessing of the Father

Dr Irv Woolf 33.5MB 
6/28/2015 Back to the Basics - Evangelism, Discipleship, and Service     Dr. Charles Morgan 36.6MB
6/212015 Claiming God's Promises

Dr. Leland Eliason 41.7MB
6/14/2015 Practices That Lead to Fullness of Life Ephesians 5:15-20
Dr. Leland Eliason 37.7MB
6/7/2015 The Extraordinary Power of Memory

Dr. Leland Eliason 33.3MB

Audio Message Series: Life On the Inside

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.
 - Proverbs 4:23

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
5/31/2015 Live By Faith Galatians 2:20
Pastor Mark LaFollette  
5/24/2015 Don't Forget to Remember! Deuteronomy 6   Jonathan Caldwell  
5/17/2015 Fear Isaiah 8:11-15   Pastor Mark LaFollette  
5/10/2015 She Smiles at the Future Proverbs 31:255   Pastor Mark LaFollette  
5/3/2015 Anger (Part 2) Matthew 18:21-35   Pastor Mark LaFollette  
4/26/2015 Anger (Part 1) James 4   Pastor Mark LaFollette
4/19/2015 Making Peace with Yourself John 12:20-26
Pastor Mark LaFollette

Audio Message Series: Learning to Hope Again - The Power of Hope In Jesus Christ

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
4/12/2015 The God Who Picks You Up  1 Peter 5:6-14   Pastor Mark LaFollette
4/5/2015 Can I Take That for You? 1 Peter 2:22-25   Pastor Mark LaFollette 16.9MB
3/29/2015 Following Jesus In the Fire 1 Peter 5:8-14   Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.9MB
3/22/2015 Accountability in Humble Submission 1 Peter 5:1-7   Pastor Patrick Voelker 26.8MB 
3/15/2015 When You're Facing the End of the World... 1 Peter 4:7-11
Pastor Mark LaFollette 23.4MB
3/8/2015 It's Time to Move On 1 Peter 4:1-3   Pastor Mark LaFollette  35.8MB
3/1/2015 Bless 1 Peter 3:8-22   Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.3MB 
2/22/2015 The Heart of Submission 1 Peter 3:1-7   Pastor John Anderson 26.8MB
2/15/2015 Doing the Right Thing When It's the Hardest Thing To Do 1 Peter 2:13-25   Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.0MB
2/8/2015 The Difference Your Life Can Make 1 Peter 2:11-12
Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.1MB
2/1/2015 What Do You Want To Be Remembered For? 1 Peter 2:4-10   Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.2.4MB
1/25/2015 What's The Point of Being Good? 1 Peter 1:13-2:3   Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.8MB
1/18/2015 What's Giving You Joy Today 1 Peter 1:1-12   Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.4MB

Audio Message Series: Who's Life Is It?

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
1/11/2015 Your Love Psalm 27   Pastor Mark LaFollette 35.2MB
1/4/2015 Your Life, Possessions and Relationships Psalm 27   Pastor Mark LaFollette 37.9MB

Audio Christmas Message Series: A Child Is Born

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
12/24/2014 Prince of Peace     Pastor Mark LaFollette  9.5MB
Prince of Peace
Isaiah 9:6
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
12/14/2014 Mighty God
Isaiah 9:6

Pastor Mark LaFollette  25.0MB
12/7/2014 Wonderful Counselor Isaiah 9:6
Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.1MB

Audio Message Series: Philippians - Living For Jesus

Date Message
Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
The Secret

Phillippians 4:10-21
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
Finding Peace

Phillippians 4:8-9

Pastor Mark LaFollette
Rediscovering Joy

Phillippians 4:2-7
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
Pushing Forward

Phillippians 3:12-4:1
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
Tossing the Trash

Phillippians 3:1-11
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
Somebody Cares

Phillippians 2:19-28
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
God In You

Philippians 2:12-18
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
10/5/2014 Not About Me
Philippians 2:1-11   Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.7MB
9/28/2014 More Than Talk
Philippians 1:27-30   Pastor Mark LaFollette 26.9MB
9/21/2014 Really Living
Philippians 1:18-26   Pastor Patrick Voelker  38.8MB
Leaving Yourself Out Of It

Philippians 1:12-18
  Pastor Mark LaFollette
9/7/2014 Making It Real

Philippians 1:1-11

Pastor Mark LaFollette  28.9MB

Audio Message Series: Romans - The Gospel of God (Continued)

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size

The Source of Your Strength
Romans 16:17-27

Pastor Mark LaFollette

Romans 16:1-16 and Salad Dressing
Romans 16:1-16

Elder Rex Bernardo

8/17/2014 What Are You Waiting For? Romans 15:22-23   Pastor Mark LaFollette  32.8MB

God of Hope and Joy
Romans 15:8-21
  Pastor Mark LaFollette

Following the Example of Christ
Romans 15:1-7
  Pastor John Anderson

When Wise People Disagree
Romans 14:13-23
Pastor Mark LaFollette

The Thing about Dandelions
Romans 14:1-12
Pastor Mark LaFollette

You and the Government
Romans 13:1-7
Pastor Mark LaFollette

6/29/2014 The Armor of Light
Romans 13:8-14
Kevin St. Clair

6/22/2014 Real Love Romans 12:9-21
Pastor Mark LaFollette

6/8/2014 Sanity is not Normal Romans 12:3-8 Pastor Mark LaFollette  29.0MB

6/1/2014 Worship as a Way of Life Romans 12:1-2 Jonathan Caldwell  33.1MB

5/25/2014 The Glory Romans 11:33-36 Jonathan Caldwell  34.1MB

5/18/2014 Mercy On All Romans 11:25-32 Pastor Mark LaFollette  24.8MB

5/4/2014 The Grafter Romans 11:11-24 Pastor Mark LaFollette  28.1MB

4/27/2014 The Remnant  Romans 10:18-11:10 Pastor Mark LaFollette  25.3MB

4/13/2014 How Will They Hear? Romans 10:5-17 Pastor Mark LaFollette  

4/6/2014 For Everyone Who Believes Romans 9:30-10:4 Pastor Mark LaFollette  

3/30/2014 Letting God be God
Romans 9:19-29
Pastor Mark LaFollette

3/23/2014 God of Mercy Romans 9:6-18 Pastor Mark LaFollette 35.5MB

3/16/2014 The Legacy Romans 9:1-5 Kevin St. Clair  35.1MB

3/9/2014 More than Conquerors Romans 8:31-39 Pastor Mark LaFollette 35.2MB

3/2/2014 God's Provision & Our Preparation Romans 8:26-30 Jonathan Caldwell  26.6MB

2/23/2014 Hope's Eyes Romans 8:18-25 Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.1MB

2/16/2014 Sons of God Romans 8:12-17 Pastor John Anderson 30.0MB

2/9/2014 Life in the Spirit Romans 8:1-11 Pastor Mark LaFollette 35.0MB

2/2/2014 Thanks to God Romans 7:13-25 Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.0MB

1/26/2014 Message in a Broken Law Romans 7:7-12 Pastor Mark LaFollette  29.0MB

1/19/2014 A New Way Romans 7:1-6 Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.3MB 

1/12/2014 Set Free Romans 6:15-23 Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.6MB

1/5/2014 Instruments of Righteousness Romans 6:1-14 Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.8MB

Audio Christmas Message Series: A Gift That's Free

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
12/22/2013 Good News Isaiah 61
Pastor Mark LaFollette  22.8MB
12/15/2013 The Treasure Luke 2:1-21
Pastor Mark LaFollette 22.8MB

Audio Message Series: Romans: The Gospel of God

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
12/8/2013 Through One Man Romans 5:12-21 Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.6MB
12/1/2013 Peace With God Romans 5:1-11 Pastor Mark LaFollette  33.2MB
11/24/2013 Living By Hope Romans 4:13-24 Pastor Mark LaFollette 
11/17/2013 Faith Footsteps Romans 4:1-12 Pastor John Anderson  
11/10/2013 Mercy Romans 3:21-31  Pastor Mark LaFollette 26.2MB
11/3/2013 Accountable Romans 3:1-20 Pastor Mark LaFollette  28.2MB
10/20/2013 The Heart Romans 2:12-29 Elder Rex Bernardo  28.2MB
10/13/2013 From God With Love Romans 2:1-11  Pastor Mark LaFollette  41.4MB
10/6/2013 Truth All Around You Romans 1:18-32 Pastor Mark LaFollette   
9/29/2013 The Way to Live Romans 1:16-17 Pastor Mark LaFollette   
9/22/2013 Encouraged Romans 1:8-14 Pastor Mark LaFollette  33.8MB
9/15/2013 Called Romans 1:1-7  Pastor Mark LaFollette 35.0MB 

Audio Message Series: The Psalms

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
9/1/2013 Life as Joyful Noise Psalm 100
Pastor Mark LaFollette  29.8MB
8/25/2013 Within Psalm 51   Kevin St. Clair  45.8MB
8/18/2013 Psalm 27 Psalm 27   Pastor Mark LaFollette   
8/11/2013 Two Towers Psalm 61;Ezekiel 33:1-11    Missionary Craig Nordgren  35.9MB
8/4/2013 Help! Psalm 44   Pastor Mark LaFollette  22.3MB
7/28/2013 Near the River Psalm 1   Pastor John Anderson  35.5MB
7/7/2013 Psalm 19
Psalm 19

Pastor Mark LaFollette
6/30/2013 Psalm 103
Psalm 103   Elder Rex Bernardo  

Audio Message Series: To the Ends of the Earth
A Study In Acts (Continued)

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
6/23/2013 Victory Acts 28 Pastor Mark LaFollette   
6/16/2013 You and Your Household Acts 10-11 Pastor Mark LaFollette  33.5MB
6/9/2013 Trusting God in the Storm  Acts 27 Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.7MB
6/2/2013 To All the Nations Acts 24-26

5/26/2013 He is Risen!  Acts 23-24 Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.5MB
5/19/2013 Take Courage Acts 22:30-23:35 Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.3MB 
5/5/2013 The Way of the Cross  Acts 21:1-22:29 Pastor Mark LaFollette  28.6MB 
4/28/2013 Considering Life Acts 20:1-38  Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.8MB
4/21/2013 Culture Conflict  Acts 19:1-41 Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.2MB 
4/14/2013 God In the Challenges Acts 18:1-28 Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.9MB 
4/7/2013 The Gospel and Human Culture Acts 17:1-34 Pastor Mark LaFollette
3/24/2013 Breaking Down the Walls Acts 16:1-40  Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.8MB
3/17/2013 The Wheel Gets Rolling Acts 14:21-28  Pastor Mark LaFollette
3/10/2013 What's Required Acts 15:1-29  Elder Rex Bernardo 35.2MB
3/3/2013 On The Worlds Edge Acts 13:13-52 Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.3MB
2/24/2013 The Launch Acts 13:1-12 Pastor Mark LaFollette 33.9MB
2/17/2013 The Prayer Worked! Acts 12:1-25 Pastor Mark LaFollette 10.4MB
2/10/2013 Fresh Faces Acts 11:19-29 Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.5MB
2/3/2013 Expanding the Vision Acts 10:1-11:18 Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.4MB
1/27/2013 The Last Guy We'd Pick Acts 9:1-31 Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.9MB
1/20/2013 Beyond the Borders Acts 8:26-40 Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.3MB
1/13/2013 Scattered to Conquer/Reaching Out  Acts 8:1-25 Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.8MB

Audio Message Series: Christmas 2012 - The Giver

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
12/23/2012 He Gave Himself Galatians 2:20,John 19:30,Ephesians 5:2-25,1 Peter 2:23   Paster Mark LaFollotte 30.9MB
12/16/2012 One of Us Philippians 2:1-11    Pastor Mark LaFollette 22.2MB
12/9/2012 He Gave His Son Romans  8:31-39, Matthew 11:25-30, Romans 4:25
Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.3MB

Audio Message Series: To the Ends of the Earth
A Study In Acts

Date Message Key Passage(s)
References Speaker File Size
12/2/2012 Standing Up  Acts 6:8-7:60 Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.0MB
11/25/2012 Serving Together Acts 6:1-17  Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.8MB
11/18/2012 No Matter What Acts 5:12-42  Mike Mikolavich 28.4MB
11/11/2012 Nothing Hidden Acts 4:32-5:11  Pastor Mark LaFollette 24.5MB 
11/4/2012 Unstoppable Part 2 Acts 4:23-31     Pastor Mark LaFollette 40.2MB 
10/28/2012 Unstoppable Acts 4:1-22 Ali A. 29.5MB 
10/21/2012 Gospel Opportunity  Acts 3:1-24     Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.7MB
10/14/2012 Life Together Acts 2:42-47     Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.4MB
10/7/2012 Mission Vision Acts 1:1-8 Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.9MB
9/30/2012 The Truth Goes Out Acts 2:14-41     Elder Rex Bernardo  33.0MB
9/23/2012 Walking in the Spirit  Acts 2:22-41     Pastor Mark LaFollette  40.6MB 
9/16/2012 Preparation Acts 1:12-26     Pastor Mark LaFollette
9/9/2012 The Mission Acts 1:1-11     Pastor Mark LaFollette 36.4MB

Audio Message Series: The Holy Spirit

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Notes Speaker File Size
9/2/2012 Empowered By the Spirit for Mission Ephesians 4:1-16   Pastor Mark LaFollette  29.9MB
8/26/2012 The Holy Spirit and the Righteousness of Christ Colossians 1   Dr. Tim Wiens 38.1MB
8/19/2012 Prophecy and Tongues 1 Corinthians 14   Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.7MB
8/12/2012 The Way of Love 1 Corinthians 13   Pastor Mark LaFollette 36.7MB 
8/5/2012 Gifted and Called Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12:7-10, 28-31; Ephesians 4:11-13; Acts 6:1-7   Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.7MB
7/22/2012 The Spirit Who Creates Us to Work Together 1 Corinthians 12:1-31   Pastor Mark LaFollette 36.6MB 
7/15/2012 The Spirit Who Changes You Galatians 5:16-25; 2 Corinthians 3:12-18   Pastor Mark LaFollette 39.0MB 
7/8/2012 The Spirit Who Lives In You  John 8:1-17   Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.6MB
7/1/2012 The Counselor  John 14:22-31,16:5-7   Elder Rex Bernardo 27.9MB
6/24/2012 The Spirit in the Moment You Believe John 3:1-21
Pastor Mark LaFollette  30.5MB 
6/10/2012 The Holy Spirit On Mission  John 16:5-11   Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.8MB 
6/03/2012 The Holy Spirit With the Father and Son John 16:12-15   Pastor Mark LaFollette 33.6MB

Audio Message Series: A Journey Through Luke  (Continued)

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Speaker File Size
5/27/2012 Children of the Day Luke 21:5-38 Paster Mark LaFollette 33.7MB 
5/20/2012 The Heart of  Generous Person Luke 21:1-4 Pastor Mark LaFollette 22.1MB
5/6/2012 The Dawn of Justice  Luke 20:41-47 Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.8MB 
4/29/2012 Living This Moment of Eternity Luke 20:27-39 Pastor Mark LaFollette 36.1MB
4/22/2012 Bookkeeping For Your Life Luke 20:20-26 Pastor Matt Swigart 48.3MB 
4/15/2012 The Safe Place Luke 19:45-20:19
Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.1MB
4/1/2012 The Path to Peace  Luke 19:28-48 Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.9MB
3/25/2012 Your Life Is A Gift  Luke 19:11-27 Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.5MB 
3/18/2012 Does Jesus Heal Today? Luke 18:35-19:10  Pastor Dick Ivance 20.5MB
3/11/2012 The Danger in Being 'Good' Luke 18:18-34 Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.3MB
3/4/2012 How to Know God Better  Luke 18:9-17 Pastor Mark LaFollette 31.8MB
2/26/2012 Faith That Is Tough Luke 18:1-8 Pastor Mark LaFollette 25.2MB
2/19/2012 Changing the World by Starting With You Luke 17:1-19  Pastor Mark LaFollette  28.3MB
2/12/2012 Before It's Too Late Luke 16:19-31 Pastor Matt Swigart 36.6MB
2/5/2012 How to Win by Losing Luke 17:20-37  Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.6MB 
1/29/2012 When the Two Become One Luke 16:16-18 Pastor Mark LaFollette 33.8MB 
1/22/2012 Investing for the Future Luke 16:1-15  Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.1MB 
1/15/2012 Lost and Found Luke 15:1-32 Pastor Al Anderstrom 29.1MB
1/8/2012  Worth the Price Luke 14:25-35 Pastor Mark LaFollette  33.8MB 
1/1/2012 Are You Coming? Luke 14:12-24 Pastor Mark LaFollette 45.1MB

Audio Message Christmas Series: Your Greatest Gift

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Speaker File Size
12/04/2011 Pure Gold Matthew 2:1-12 Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.1MB
12/11/2011 True Pleasure  Matthew 2:1-12  Pastor Mark LaFollette 33.6MB
12/18/2011 Life Worth Living Matthew 2:1-12  Pastor Mark LaFollette 23.7MB
12/24/2011 Born to Worship Matthew 1:18-2:12  Pastor Mark LaFollette 53.0MB
12/25/2011 Adorning the Gospel  Matthew 1:18-2:12 Pastor Matt Swigart 34.0MB 

Audio Message Series: A Journey Through Luke

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Speaker File Size
11/27/2011 Expecting Nothing Back  Luke 14:1-14 Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.9MB 
11/20/2011 Are You Ready? (Part 2) Luke 13:1-35  Pastor Mark LaFollete 34.8MB 
11/13/2011 Are You Ready? (Part 1) Luke 12:35-56 Pastor Mark LaFollette  31.3MB
11/06/2011 Wealth You Can't Lose Luke 12:13-34 Pastor Dick Ivance 25.1MB 
10/30/2011 Are You A Hypocrite? Luke 11:37-12:12  Pastor Matt Swigart 37.3MB
10/23/2011 Miracles  Luke 11:14-36  Pastor Bob Kallum 36.5MB 
10/16/2011 Aggressive Prayer   Luke 11:1-13 Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.2MB
10/02/2011 Busy Doing the Right Things  Luke 10:25-42 Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.8MB 
09/25/2011 The Reason You Live III Luke 10:1-23

Pastor Mark LaFollette

09/18/2011 The Reason You Live II  Luke 9:37-62 Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.0MB
09/17/2011 The Reason You Live II  Luke 9:37-62 Pastor Matt Swigart 34.6MB 
09/11/2011 The Reason You Live I Luke 9:18-36 Pastor Mark LaFollette 36.3MB 
09/04/2011 The Power & Authority II  Luke 9:1-17 Pastor Mark LaFollette 24.5MB 
09/03/2011 The Power & Authority II

Luke 9:1-17

Pastor Matt Swigart 33.4MB 
08/28/2011 The Power & Authority I Luke 8:22-55 Pastor Matt Swigart 38.0MB 
08/21/2011 How to Know Your Faith is Real III Luke 8:1-21 Pastor Bob Kallam 37.1MB 
08/20/2011 How to Know Your Faith is Real III Luke 8:1-21  Elder Bill Gramer 40.6MB 
08/14/2011 How to Know Your Faith is Real II Luke 7:36-50 Pastor Mark LaFollette 26.7MB

How to Know Your Faith is Real I

Luke 7:1-35  Pastor Mark LaFollette 33.8MB
08/06/2011 How to Know Your Faith is Real I Luke 7:1-35 Elder Dave Meier 36.2MB
07/30/2011 Authenticity and Obedience Luke 6:37-49  Elder Rex Bernardo 27.0MB 
07/24/2011 The True Definition of Kindness Luke 6:27-36 Pastor Mark LaFollete  31.6MB
07/23/2011 The True Definition of Kindness Luke 6:27-36 Pastor Matt Swigart 34.9MB
07/17/2011 no title Luke 6:17-25 Vlad Makeyev 26.5MB
07/16/2011 no title Luke 6:17-25 Vlad Makeyev 38.9MB 
07/10/2011 God of Compassion Luke 6:1-11  Pastor Mark LaFollete 30.7MB 
07/09/2011 Spirit of the Law Luke 6:1-16 Pastor Matt Swigart 40.8MB
07/03/2011 Coming to the Table Luke 5:27-38  Pastor Mark LaFollette  43.2MB 
07/02/2011 Coming to the Table Luke 5:27-38  Pastor Matt Swigart 32.1MB 
06/26/2011 It's a New Day  Luke 5:1-26  Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.1MB 
06/05/2011 Resting on the Inside  Luke 4:31-43 Pastor Mark LaFollette  30.4MB
06/04/2011 Jesus' Strategic Praying Luke 4:31-43 Pastor Matt Swigart  32.5MB
05/29/2011 Seeing the World Luke 4:14-30  Paster Mark LaFollette  34.0MB 
05/22/2011 The Declaration of Dependence Luke 3:21-4:13  Pastor Mark LaFollette  39.7MB 
05/21/2011  The Declaration of Dependence Luke 3:21-4:13  Pastor Matt Swigart  31.3MB 
Moving Beyond Regret Luke 3:1-20  Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.9MB 
05/08/2011 From Your House to His, the Power of Parenting Luke 2:41-52, 4:31-44, 5:15-16 Pastor Mark LaFollette 25.8MB
05/07/2011 From Your House to His, the Power of Parenting Luke 2:41-52, 4:31-44, 5:15-16 Mitch Peterson 28.2MB
Living for the Future Now Luke 2:21-40 Pastor Mark LaFollette 35.6MB

Audio Message Easter Series: Forgiven

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Speaker File Size
Forgiven Luke 24 Pastor Mark LaFollette 24.6MB
Beautiful Justice Luke 23:26-56 Pastor Mark LaFollette 39.8MB
The Only Solid Ground Luke 22:63-23:25 Pastor Mark LaFollette 28.5MB
Taking Temptation by Surprise Luke 22:39-62    
The Beauty of a Life Given Away  Luke 22:1-38  Pastor Mark LaFollette 21.1MB 
The Wedding Invitation Matthew 25:1-13 Pastor Dick Ivance

Audio Message Series: What is a Church Elder?

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Speaker File Size
03/13/2011 What is a Church Elder II? 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9 Pastor Mark LaFollette 32.3MB
03/06/2011 What is a Church Elder I? Acts 20:13-35

Audio Message Series: The Power Inside You
(2 Corinthians)

Date Message Key Passage(s)
Speaker File Size
02/27/2011 The Power of a Satisfied Heart 2 Corinthians 12:11-13 Pastor Mark LaFollette   
02/20/2011 The Power  Where You Don't Expect It 2 Corinthians 12:1-19 Pastor Al Anderstrom  30.8MB
02/13/2011  The Power of Sincere and Pure Devotion to God 2 Corinthians 11, 10:12-13  Pastor Matt Swigart 31.5MB

02/06/2011 The Power to be Builders in Gods Kingdom 2 Corinthinans  10:7-17 Pastor Mark LaFollette  28.0MB 
01/30/2011  The Power to Fight for the
2 Corinthians
10:1-6, 11:1-15
Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.3MB
01/23/2011 The Power of the Gift  2 Corinthians 9:6-15  Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.9MB 
01/16/2011 The Power in a Plan  2 Corinthians 8:16-9:9 Paster Mark LaFollette 28.7MB
01/09/2011 The Power for Generosity 2 Corinthians 8:1-9 Pastor Mark LaFollette  31.5MB 
01/02/2011 The Power In A Fresh Start  2 Corinthians 7:2-16  Pastor Mark LaFollette  26.0MB
11/28/2010 The Power to be Unique for God 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1  Pastor Mark LaFollette 34.3MB
11/21/2010 Power That Opens Hearts 2 Corinthians 6:3-13 Pastor Mark LaFollette 27.2MB
11/14/2010 The Power to Live for God 2 Corinthians 5:11-6 Pastor Mark LaFollette 29.8MB
11/07/2010 The Power to Finish Strong 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.7MB
10/24/2010 The Power of Weakness 2 Corinthians 4:1-18 Pastor Mark LaFollette  28.1MB
10/17/2010 God's Power Transforming You 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 Pastor Mark LaFollette  29.0MB 
10/10/2010 God is Your Resume,
People Are Your References
2 Corinthians 3:1-16  Pastor Mark LaFollette  31.4MB 
10/03/2010 Living Jesus' Victory 2 Corinthians 2:12-17 

Pastor Mark LaFollette

09/26/2010 The Power of Compassion 2 Corinthians 2:1-11

Pastor Mark LaFollette

09/19/2010  The Power to Stand Strong 2 Corinthians 1:12-24 Pastor Mark LaFollette  29.9MB 
09/12/2010 Overcoming your Challenges 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 Pastor Mark LaFollette 30.3 MB