New Life Academy

Preparing Hearts and Minds for Purposeful Living

Established in 1977, New Life Academy is the largest Preschool-Grade 12 non-denominational Christian school serving East Metro families. Our 680+ student body is a community of friends learning and growing together.

Families from 47 different municipalities and 90 area churches choose New Life Academy for the faith integration and Christian influence along with competitive academic rigor. And students find teachers they love, Christian friends and a supportive community.

Our mission is to educate and energize each student to impact their world for Jesus Christ and to reach their full potential in scholarship, leadership and service out of love for God and one another.


Every classroom on campus is an incubator for capturing knowledge, applying it and understanding the subject matter within a Christian worldview. As we progress, NLA students are being academically equipped in light of 21st century skills and concepts to ensure their success and ability to influence in the arenas to which God calls them.


Developing athletes enjoy a wide range of athletic opportunities including competitive team sports as early as sixth grade. As the largest non-denominational Christian school in the east metro, NLA has established highly competitive programs and is gaining notoriety throughout the athletics community.

Fine Arts

Music, theatre and visual arts opportunities at New Life Academy offer variety, opportunity for critical review and performance, and instruction from teachers who are talented professionals in their own right. Each child is encouraged to participate in fine arts throughout their student career.

Spiritual Development

At the heart of the Academy is the grace-filled truth of the gospel. While students learn the skills and knowledge required for their future, they are immersed in a caring environment where they are taught and encouraged in their faith by faculty and staff that exhibit a Christian lifestyle.

More than 400 families come together at New Life Academy to develop the hearts and minds of children, preparing them to lead purposeful lives, and we’d love to have your family become a part of ours.


For more information, visit or contact our Director of Enrollment & Marketing, Amy Clausen, at or 651/757-4340.