Our Mission

At New Life Church, our purpose is:

"To make God known to people everywhere and lead them into fullness of life in Christ Jesus"

It is our desire to share Jesus with those who have not met Him as the Son of God.  To love people in every situation and to care for them to the best of our abilities.  And to join together as a community of followers of Jesus to Worship together, Serve together, and Care for one another as we deepen our faith together by hearing the teaching from the bible on Sunday and studying the bible together.

New Life's mission is:  Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Twin Cities and beyond by preaching the Gospel and serving the community in love and good deeds, equipping households and leaders, and planting churches that do the same. 

New Life has had a rich and significant history of ministry since the church began in 1976. A non-denominational Evangelical Christian church, New Life remains faithful to the principles of New Testament Christianity and is not affiliated with any regional or national organization.

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What Our Mission Means For Our Church

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What Our Mission Means For Our Leaders

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