Sunday Morning Classes

As we seek to Pursue, Connect, Serve and Reach at New Life, several new Sunday morning class options for adults and students as well as kids will be offered beginning Feb. 25, 2018.  As an intentional aspect of our discipleship strategy, these classes will give you an opportunity to grow spiritually, connect with one another and serve together, with the goal of moving people along from one point to another in their faith journey and reaching our community for Christ.

Classes will be held 9:15-10:20am for 5 or 10 weeks, depending on the class (no classes on Easter Sunday).

Parents, as you begin the registration, you will be given the option of registering your kids on a linked form.

If you or your children will miss some sessions of a class, we still welcome you to attend and ask that you still register to assist with our planning.  Then, let your class leader know.

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If you are serving Sunday mornings and will not be attending a class but wish to register kids for classes or nursery, or if you are registering kids that are not in your household, please call the Church office (651-459-0444).

Class options for adults and students (Grades 6-12) include: 

Simon Says (1 Peter):
If you had the chance to write something to exhort and teach groups of suffering Christians, what would you write? The apostle Peter had a blank slate of what he ought to tell early churches who were being persecuted and disenfranchised, and the God-inspired words in 1 Peter are as relevant to us today as they were in ca. 65 AD. In this six-week, verse-by-verse class, we’ll dig into timeless truths in 1 Peter and discover ways we can apply them today.

This class is offered to encourage grandparents in understanding their Biblical responsibility not only to their grandchildren but also to their church. In doing so we understand that many grandparents have encountered barriers to that Biblical responsibility and so we would like to offer some advice and help in dealing with those barriers. Additionally we would love to be able to help “grandparents to be” to understand their upcoming role. Our curriculum will cover the following:
•Intentional Christian Grandparenting
•What does the Bible say about Grandparenting
•Loving Grandkids in Scary Times
•Encouraging Faith in your Children and Grandchildren (How to reach out to a prodigal)
• Unleashing the Power of a Spoken Blessing
Our format will be a 25 minute DVD with discussion around the subject

Growing Young
"All Churches Grow Old,...Strategic Churches Grow Young." What does it take to reach young people ages 15-29 in the Church today? In "Growing Young," Fuller Youth Institute has identified that there are six keys to engaging this demographic. They include: Taking the Gospel seriously, warm community, empathy, being good neighbors, prioritizing young people, and unlocking keychain leadership. Join us as we dialogue about the future of connecting and serving young people here at New Life Church, all for the purpose of empowering us to "reach" in ways we are only beginning to imagine. #growingyoung @FullerFYI

Mere Christianity
Mere Christianity is a book written by C.S. Lewis (author of the Narnia Chronicles). Lewis was asked to give a series of radio addresses to the British people on the BBC regarding the essence of the Christian faith. The book is the written version of those talks so it is very conversational – almost like visiting with someone at Starbucks regarding the existence of a personal God, evil in the world, the absolute need for forgiveness and other topics Christians and non-Christians struggle with everyday. Lewis’ perspective is unique in that he came to Christ from atheism.
Outcomes from this study:
• Strengthen Christians in their faith
• Help those who are considering Christianity along their journey to faith
• Help Christians to defend and present their faith by appealing to the everyday experiences that we all face. We will integrate Lewis’ approach with the apostle Paul’s method of presenting the gospel to Gentiles. 

Resolving Everyday Conflict
Conflict is part of every day life, but do we respond to it in a biblical manner? Do we believe conflict is an opportunity to glorify God, serve other people and grow to be like Jesus? Resolving Everyday Conflict (REC) is a DVD-based study that digs into what the Bible says about conflicts and relationships. It gives practical suggestions for handling conflict in Christ-honoring ways in all our relationships at home, at work, at church and wherever you do life. We will complete REC over the course of 8 weeks. Please consider joining us for this life-changing study! 

That the World May Know
Filmed in Israel and the Middle East where Bible events took place, these DVD Faith Lessons weave together historical, cultural and geographical contexts to provide insights into how people in biblical times understood Jesus' teaching. Teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan reveals keen insights into the Scripture's significance for believers today. Class will be completed over 5 weeks.

Adults and students can also choose to sign up to serve in the kids classes or nursery.

Class options for kids (age 4-Grade 5) include:  

Choreographed Dance & Music
Kids will have a chance to develop their own dance routine to Christian music in a way that worships God. Students will have a chance to use their performance for a video that can point people to Jesus as well as encourage our church. They will meet in the gymnasium. 

Sewing & Crafts
Kids will share this hobby with the NLC sewing ministry and learn how to create meaningful gifts for others. They will learn a variety of projects as well as the fundamentals of sewing. They will meet in the media center and have access to hand sewing and sewing machines. 

Kids will learn a Christian perspective in how to incorporate sports and faith. Students will have the opportunity to learn fundamentals of various sports as well as how sports can be a platform to glorify God. They will meet in the gymnasium. 

Nursery for birth-age 3 will be offered.

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