Website Todo List

Task Who  Priority Notes
Payment processing Bob  1 For forms,  cost, billing, details. Marilee said will work with me after 1/1/2011
Get Slides with Audio? Bob  Sent a request to Steve R. on 1/2/2011
Templates  Bob 2 Figure out how to change a template under our content and assess what we can change and what we can't 
Videos Bob  3 We want more videos. Can we do it without YouTube?
Add a deacons page Amy 4 Waiting on go ahead from the pastors 
Add an elders page Amy  4 Waiting on go ahead from the pastors 
Deacons Picture Dan S 4 Told Dan Schmidt (Nov 2010) and Brad Holst (Dec 2010) we need a picture 
Add a full page template Bob 5 Use it for the audio archive page
Music image borders Bob Why are the borders on some pictures?
Deacon Request Form Bob Master hands, help, etc. 
FMC Embedded Video Bob Convert From a file link to an embedded video
Contact Form Bob A general form for everyone that would simply allow the question or comment to be free form but would be like the i'm new form and prompt them to fill in the return response type they would like (phone, email, etc.)
All Church Calendar? Bob  Move all text blocks to text calendars 
Calendar font Bob Figure out how to make the font smaller on the monthly calendar
Calendar details  Bob 3 Figure out how to add more details to the template for calendar entries
Anchors Bob Add them on our site where appropriate
Logo Bob  4 Fix the NLC logo on the login template
Registration form for Eblasts Shane   How can we make a form tie to a registration for eblasts
Evites Shane   and RSVPs 
Polling Shane   How do we to it?